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Never give up believing in your dream – don’t let obstacles be a defeat – and no matter how many times things fall apart, don’t stop fighting for your passion - always believe in yourself

When the whole essence of your being revolves around pizza every day, it is enviable that passion turns into a colossal obsession.  Our Chef and owner Matt of the Solid Slice Pizzeria & Pub can attest he eats, breaths, and dreams about pizza.  I mean, who doesn’t just love a good pizza??!  With a discovered love for cooking after working at his family’s restaurant The Grill Next Door (GND) for the past decade, Matt launched into a dedicated creation quest to develop a “solid” slice of pizza!  

Working his way up to eventually become the Head Chef of the GND, Matt revealed one of his absolute favorite things was when customers complimented him on his food being “the best they ever had” and what a huge appreciative high that was to him. He strives to bring love into the food he cooks.  “Cooking is a passion, not a job” is his motto he lives by.  This encouragement really ignited his dream of opening a place to offer pizza and his favorite comfort foods. After several years of crushing obstacles, it has finally become a reality.

Matt gets his love of cooking from his mother Sue, his business partner of the Solid Slice.  She and her brother Dave started The Grill Next Door in 2009, with a love for food, beer and a desire to share their enjoyment with family, friends and the Merrimack valley community.  They did so for 12 years before the GND shut its doors.   A few years later, with several challenges in finding its home, the open space became an opportunity for the Solid Slice Pizzeria & Pub to finally happen, and to create a mother/son duo team in the process.  “I’ve made my dream come true and now I am happy to see my son’s dreams finally come true” says Sue proudly.         


Our freshly made pizza dough has a 72-hour fermentation process developed out of a labor of love and years of experimenting with different ingredients.   Our home-made pizza sauce is a combination of sweet and yet robust, bursting with flavors, and topped with Grande cheese made only from the freshest, all natural ingredients, with no additives, fillers, or preservatives.  Slide that into our Brick Oven and the result is a fresh pie, crispy and yet chewy for a delicious feast for your senses you will perpetually crave!  Combine that with a tall cold beer from our full-service bar and you are ready to sit back, relax, and play Keno while watching the Games on any of our 14 TVs!  We also offer Wagyu smash burgers, subs, appetizers, soups, salads, dinners, and of course sweets, all made with the same care.  We want our customers to be able to taste the dedication and passion that went into creating their food.

It has been a long road to get here but we feel so truly blessed, and we are bubbling with enthusiasm to serve the Merrimack Valley!  We are a solid spot to unwind from the day, meet up with friends, stop by for lunch or dinner, share some tasty bites, grab a drink, pause to savor the day, and breathe in the happiness that a solid slice of pizza inspires!